The objective of the BE DRIN - Balkans and Europe for Development of Resilience Initiatives project, taking place within the Drin river basin (Western Balkans), is to enhance volunteers management capacities of the third countries partners, in order to ensure compliance with the standards and procedures regarding EU Aid Volunteers Initiative, and to facilitate their undergoing in EUAV certification process.

The project also aims to strengthen the Hosting Organizations’ capability to respond to humanitarian crisis through the effective impact of the EU Aid Volunteers' work on the ground, in the field of hydrologic disaster risk management, preparedness and response.

The project is led by the Italian Civil Protection Department and involves other 10 partners:

Fondazione CIMA - Centro Internazionale in Monitoraggio Ambientale (CIMA) – Italy

Associazione Nazionale Pubbliche Assistenze (ANPAS) – Italy

Croce Rossa Italiana (CRI) – Italy

Romanian Red Cross (CRR) – Romania

Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta (HCSOM) – Hungary

Albanian Ministry of Interior, Albanian Civil Protection (MOI) – Albania

Qendra Vullnetare e Emergjencave Civile Albania (Q-VEC)

Fire Protection Union of Macedonia (FPUM) - FYR of Macedonia

Emergency Management Agency (EMA) – Kosovo (under UN Security Resolution 1244)

Fondazione Corpo Italiano di Soccorso Ordine di Malta (CISOM) - Italy

This project is co-funded by the European Union for the “EU Aid Volunteers initiative”. The EU Aid Volunteers Initiative brings together volunteers and organisations from different countries, in joint action, providing practical support in the provision of humanitarian aid and contributing to the strengthening of local capacity and resilience of disaster-affected communities.

Project Leader: The Italian Civil Protection Department (DPC)

Project Start: 1/10/2015

Project Duration: 24 months (1/10/2015 – 30/09/2017)



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