On February 20th the BE DRIN Needs Assessment Team concluded its mission in Albania, Kosovo* and Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.
The team, composed by expert staff of the EU partners’, were deployed for 12 days in the three target countries, and carried out an in depth assessment on several topics:

  • legal and institutional framework of volunteerism and the local approach to volunteerism in civil protection, with emphasis on the hydro-meteorological risk management;
  • needs and priorities regarding the EU Aid Volunteers Certification Mechanism of the potential hosting organizations;
  • needs for the Disaster Management and Response Training programmes for hosting organizations and volunteers.

To this end, the team met with national and local authorities for civil protection, voluntary organizations, whom clearly evidenced their needs: improvement of the institutional coordination, awareness raising campaigns on the main natural disasters, training on technical aspects, volunteer management and fund raising, and need for proper equipment.

In Albania, the team visited in Tirana the General Directorate of Civil Emergency–Ministry of Internal Affairs andthe Center of Civil protection Volunteers of Albania-QVEC in Tirana (Albania), who are partner of the project, and the Albanian Red Cross. The team moved one day to Scutari were meetings with the Prefecture, the Municipality and the Fishermen organization, first-responders in case of floods, were held. In their last day in Tirana, the team took part as observers in a small exercise organized by QVEC volunteers, simulating an evacuation of a school and first aid operation in the aftermath of an earthquake.


In Kosovo, the team met the Emergency Management Agency-EMA, partner of the project, the Director of the Civil Protection and Rescue of Pristina Municipalty and Red Cross Kosovo, all based in Pristina. The team also had the chance to visit the hydro-methereological Institute of Kosovo and 112 Emergency Operation Centre and talk about emergency call system in Kosovo.

International actors, like UNDP Kosovo welcomed the yeam and showed their willingness to build synergies with other ongoing projects.

Meeting with 112 operation centre in Pristina talking about emergency call system in Kosovo

The last two days of the mission, the team moved to Skopje, FYR of Macedonia, and met staff and volunteers of the Fire Protection Union of Macedonia-FPUM, voluntary organization partner of the project, active in fire-fighting and flood response, and their regional branch, the Regional Fire Protection Union- Areodrom in Skopje, very active in training and education for fire prevention.

The team also met in Skopje the Protection and Rescue Directorate(PRD), the Macedonian National civil protection authority.

Last day of the mission, the team travelled to Vinica, in the east of the country, and met volunteers of the Municipal Fire Protection Union of Vinica, Professional Fire Fighters Brigade and had a meeting with the Vinica Municipality office for civil protection, the Regional Protection and Rescue Directorate (regional authority for disaster management) and the Red Cross branch of Vinica.

19th of february

The local volunteers showed to the team also the flood hot spots of river Bregalnitsa and his affluent, which overflew in 2015 causing damages to the houses nearby, fortunately promptly evacuated thanks to the local authorities, professional and volunteers fire fighters of the Municipal Fire Protection Union in Vinica.

Thanks to the work of needs assessment team, the partners will have a better understanding of needs and a comprehensive network of stakeholders with whom to implement capacity-building activities and training modules.

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Assessment Team:
Associazione Nazionale Pubbliche Assistenze (ANPAS) - Italy
Ms. Annalisa Bergantini(Volunteer Management expert)
Mr. Samuele Pezzuolo(Expert civil protection volunteer)
Italian Civil Protection Department (DPC) - Italy
Ms. Viola Vallini (Expert in International Relations and Emergency Management)

When and Where
10-13 February 2016, Albania
14-17 February 2016, Kosovo
18 -20 February 2016, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
*This designation is without prejudice to position on status, and is in line with UN Security Council Resolution 1244/99 and the International Court of Justice Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence



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9/20th February Live from Tirana - Needs Assessment Team in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia