The BE DRIN Inception Phase mission took place on December in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia,  in Kosovo*, and in Albania.

 Ms. Miranda Deda, Ph.D., from CIMA Research Foundation, visited the four Balkans partners: the Fire Protection Union of Macedonia (FPUM), in Skopje, at the presence of the President Prof. Nikola Nikolov and its collaborators, the Emergency Management Agency (EMA), in Kosovo*, at the presence of the Mr. Mustaf Gashi and its collaborators, and the General Directorate of Civil Emergency–Ministry of Internal Affairs and Center of Civil protection Volunteers of Albania-QVEC, in Tirana, at the presence of the respective Directors, Shemsi Prenзi and Nebi Muзaj, and Civil Protection experts and QVEC volunteers.

CIMA Research Foundation presented a brief introduction of the BE DRIN project and its activities. The meetings focused on discussions relating the collection of the necessary documentation and information needed to organize the Need Assessment mission in the country and to the unfolding of the BE DRIN action plan.

The Balkan partners explained the legal framework of volunteerism in the three countries, their ongoing initiatives and projects and their experience in the management of natural disasters. The partners also suggested the main priorities on which the BE DRIN initiative could provide support and proposed possible location to hold trainings and other project activities. The project the Consortium Agreement was also signed by each partner organization.

The inception Phase mission represents a good starting point for the Needs Assessment Mission which will take place in February 2016 and it will be implemented by ANPAS-Associazione Nazionale Pubbliche Assistenze and the Italian Civil Protection Department.

*This designation is without prejudice to position on status, and is in line with UN Security Council Resolution 1244/99 and the International Court of Justice Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence

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9/20th February Live from Tirana - Needs Assessment Team in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia