The Second and Final Day of BE DRIN Final Event concluded the project today in Shkoder, Albania.

22nd september 2017 - The second and final day of Be Drin Final Event closed today in Shkoder, Albania. To recap the activities of the three operational work packages, representatives of implementing organizations, beneficiary organizations and stakeholders participated in panel interviews for each work packages, focusing not only on what went well but also on the aspects that could be refined and made more efficient in future projects and initiatives.

Field exercises were recognized as the most engaging activities of the project, but trainings were also widely appreciated and the beneficiaries organizations that declared their intention to be certified as EUAV hosting organizations strongly reaffirmed their commitment in this regard. After two years of work together, it seemed strange not to have further activities to look forward to, but everyone recognized that the close cooperation had served also to set up the basis for future development and for a widening of partnerships.

Be Drin Final Meeting

21st september 2017 - During the greetings from authorities Shemci Prenci, Director of DGCE, pointed out the benefits and acknowledged the mutual cooperation that marked every step of the work. Shkoder Prefect, Paulin Radovani, and the Mayor of Shkoder, Arben Gjuraj, remarked on the importance of the activities that took place in their areas, while Mustaf Gashi, EMA’s Director, spoke of future goals and expectations that opened up as a result of the project’s work.

The event continued with a microtraining directed at civil protection volunteers from all the organizations attending and aimed at ensuring a basic understanding of the role of communication in civil protection activities. In particular, volunteers were asked to work at an exercise that took them along the banks of the Drin river, at spots featuring significant hydrogeological risk. Their task: to work together to construct a picture map of the sites that would provide decision makers with visual information about local conditions. The training also highlighted the correct use of communication tools in civil protection and how to avoid common mistakes that might compromise the credibility of the organizations and institutions involved in civil protection work.

In a weather that seemed “made-to-order” for the task, volunteers split up in groups and worked out a “storymapping” they would later present and discuss. Also featured on this first day of the final event was a group discussion on the interaction between volunteering and civil protection.

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