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    The objective of the BE DRIN project, taking place within the Drin river basin, is to enhance volunteers management capacities of the third countries partners in Albania, Kosovo and FYR of Macedonia and to facilitate their undergoing in EUAV certification process.

    WP 1 EU AID volunteers certification- Enhancement of hosting organizations’ volunteer management capacities according to the EUAV certification mechanism

    WP 2 Training - Strengthening Third Countries Partners’ Disaster Management and Response Capabilities.

    WP 3 Local fields exercise -Strengthening Hosting Organisations in Disaster Preparedness and Response


  • Be Drin exercise in Kosovo

    BE DRIN “Mirusha Exercise” in Kosovo* July 2017

    Be Drin "Mirusha" Exercise in Kosovo* ended on July 12th and was cause for considerable satisfaction for all participants.

    Be Drin in Kosovo

    The Emergency Management Agency (EMA), the agency responsible in Kosovo for civil protection activities, demonstrated its capability in strengthening preparedness at the municipal level by putting together a very effective team that was able to organize an interesting two-day exercize in an area (Mirusha, in Malisheva Municipality) where no activities of this kind had ever taken place before. Drawing also from trainings and activities from the Be Drin project, EMA showed its strong commitment to analyzing objectives and to emergency planning, through the integration of diverse actors: rescue bodies, volunteering organizations, the private sector and institutional actors.

    Be Drin in Kosovo

    The exercise saw high participation of local organized volunteering (Kosovo Red Cross Organisations) and the effective integration within the activity of young people from Malisheva Municipal Youth Center.

    The experienced European volunteers that took part in the activity were selected from a large pool of volunteers that represent one of the strengths of the BE DRIN consortium. As they demonstrated many times before, the volunteers brought to bear a very solid, experienced approach and a willingness to support and instruct that was valued by the beneficiaries.

    Given the enthusiastic feedback received by volunteers who took part in previous activities, the Be Drin consortium has decided to strengthen internal and external communication efforts and much attention has been devoted to producing dissemination materials to be used, not only by the consortium but also by beneficiaries, in furthering promotion of the activities that have been made possible by the EUAV Initiative. The aim is to ensure that sustainable processes of exploitation of positive results can be put into play and to reinforce and extend as much as possible the project benefits.

    *This designation is without prejudice to position on status, and is in line with UN Security Council Resolution 1244/99 and the International Court of Justice Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence

  • Be Drin Field Exercises in Albania and Kosovo ready to start on July 2nd

    A series of exercises related to the Be Drin project will take place in Albania and Kosovo during the first fifteen days of July.

    The exercises will be related to both the flood risk in the selected areas (Shkoder in Albania and Malisheva in Kosovo*) and the interaction between international personnel and local organisations.
    A team of 18 experts coming from Italy, Hungary and Romania will coordinate the exercises and supervise the scenarios; on the player side, the exercises will involve the  volunteers of the Volunteer Center for Civil Emergencies (QVEC), the Albanian Red Cross, the Kosovo* Emergency Management Agency, the Kosovo Red Cross Organisations, Firefighters, Police and the Municipality of Malisheva.
    On Sunday, July 2nd  2017, a first exercise will take place in Shkoder, involving the QVEC and the Albanian Red Cross, related to the set up of an emergency shelter area, a non-food items distribution point, the raising of water barriers and the simulated emergency evacuation of tourists trapped in a bus crash, in addition to a search and rescue action of a missing person.
    The day after, the scenario will change: 3 international assessment teams will work in Shkoder in order to define procedures for long term deployments, supported by the QVEC, identifying potential risks (both in town and along the river) and defining a plan of action for future disaster risk reduction activities.

    Exercise in Albania, July 2017

    In Kosovo the operational phase will start on Tuesday, July 11th, 2017, for two days, after a last coordination meeting on July the 7th.
    A local planning group composed by:
    - the Municipality of Malisheva (vice-president and director of municipal directorates)
    - media officer
    - private sector
    - police station
    - fire-brigade and rescue unit
    - Red Cross branch
    are the players for both the phases.
    The exercise in Kosovo is split in two phases.
    A tabletop exercise for decision-makers and policy group, with the objective to enhance local incident commander capability and provide a strong policy group support in case of disaster.
    And a field exercise aimed to test response capabilities in surface search and rescue, relief, evacuation and sheltering procedures, registration, psycho-social services and other campsite services.
    The action in Kosovo will take place in the town of Malisheva.
    The work package is coordinated by the Italian Civil Protection Department, activities are managed by the Italian and Romanian Red Cross with scenario manager, observer and support personnel come from ANPAS, CIMA Foundation, CISOM and Hungarian MALTAI.

    *This designation is without prejudice to position on status, and is in line with UN Security Council Resolution 1244/99 and the International Court of Justice Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence

  • WP 3 - Local field exercise

    Strengthening Hosting Organisations in Disaster Preparedness and Response