On the 20 and 21 of April, will take place in Tirana (Albania) the BE DRIN Workshop "Development of Roadmap for Strengthening the Volunteers-based Civil Protection Systems in Albania, Kosovo and FYR of Macedonia"
The Balkan partners will participate, together with European partners who will facilitate the workshop, in order to develop a roadmap on the following topics:

  • Volunteerism in Civil Protection: Key Issues and Challenges Facing the National Civil Protection Systems & Recommendations for a Roadmap
  • Identification of Gaps and Needs of Potential HOs for EUAV Certification
  • Definition of Priority Contents for Certification Training WP 1.3

The workshop will be implemented with the use of thematic work groups and non-formal discussions, and with a final plenary session for sharing work groups results and define the common Roadmap.

BE DRIN Roadmap Workshop in Albania 

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9/20th February Live from Tirana - Needs Assessment Team in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia